Our Main Product is Aqua cultured Vannamei Shrimp, Which we pack in wide varieties depending on customer requirements in both retail and bulk packing as IQF, Block or Semi with Head on, HL, PD, CPD, PDTO,CPDTO etc and have a minimum of BRC A grade and BAP 4 star certification for this product along with retailer certifications.

Our regular shipments include,

1.Headless Vannamei Blocks ,2. Untreated Vannamei PD Blocks 6 x 1.8kg net, 3. Cooked Vannamei PD IQF 10% Glaze, 4. Treated Vannamei PD 900gm/800gm, 5. Head on Vannamei, 6. Seacaught shrimp(PVL, KKD, DS, BR) PUD Blocks Frozen 6 x 1.8 kg, 7. Squid Whole Block Frozen, 8. Cuttlefish whole cleaned, 9. Octopus whole, 10. Yellowfin Tuna Whole, 11. Indian Mackeral Whole.

Other Products Include : Surimi, Ribbon fish, King fish, Sardines, Baigai, Baracuda, Red snappers, Croaker, Reef cod grouper Fillets, Skipjack Tuna and Mahi mahi.

If you have any questions or any interest in Indian seafood. Please email us at or contact us via this form.

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