Netfish will be Introducing Value Added Products in 2017

Netfish announced that they are planing to introduce the following value added products for imports to their e-commerce site by first Quarter of 2017.

Value Added Products

Category : Fish Steak
Seer Fish
Fish Fillet
Ghol Fish
Sole Fish

Category 1 :
Squid Fillets Skewer
CFWC Skewer
SQWC Skewer
H/L CFWC, Capsicum
H/L SQWC Skewer
CFWC, PD Shrimps Skewer
CFWC Shrimps SQWC Skewer
CFWC 20/40 400 gms Tray Pack
Stuffed Squid with Shrimps
IQF Squid Tentacles+ Shrimp
CF Fillet Roll
Vaccum Packed 500 gms SQW 20/40

Category 2 :
Seer fish curry
Bengali fish curry
Malabar prawn curry
Kerala Prawn masala
Malabar Mackerel curry
Goan Mackerel curry
Goan prawn curry
Malabar Seer curry
Spicy Malabar sardine curry
Hyderabadi Prawn biriyani
Prawns Korma Masala

Category 3 :
Shrimps Burger Patty
Breaded shrimps
Tiger prawns
Prawn Dim Sum
Prawns Spring rolls
Prawn Gyoza
Fried Gyoza
Soup Gyoza
Shrimp Pao

Category : Other
Frozen Whelk
Fr.Whelk Meat
Fr. Mussel
Fr. Clam
Clam Meat Pickle

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