Frequently asked questions on how to use netfish.in site to place order/equiry to import/export seafood.

How do I place repetitive enquiries?

To place repetitive enquiries,  complete a single enquiry then go back to store and place repetitive orders. You may mail us your requirements of  year and we will ensure the products are delivered according to our year planner.

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When I place an enquiry with Netfish I never receive an acknowledgement. Why?

If you do not receive an acknowledgment, there are several potential reasons:

  • Your e-mail address may not be correct in our system. To verify this, go to your My Account page in the Header, select Account Settings and verify that the e-mail address is correct. Call an Netfish  at 0091 89040 36396 and send a test e-mail to ensure we are receiving it.
  • Spam filtering – check with your IS department to ensure that e-mail from Netfish is not being stopped by a spam filter. If the above fails, contact Customer Support at 0091 89040 36396 to track an enquiry or order. We may need the P.O. number and the contact e-mail address.
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How do I know that my qoute request has been processed?

Once you’ve placed an enquiry, you will receive an e-mail confirming your enquiry.  Our representatives will contact you further with our response.

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How can I request a quote?

There are a few ways to request a quote: 1) Contact Customer Support Department at 0091 89040 36396 , 2) e-mail quote requests to group@netfish.in; please allow at least a 24 hour turnaround for e-mailed quotes, 3) request a special item quote by navigating to the contact us page and entering in all pertinent information.

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What should my screen resolution be set to when using the new Netfish Search?

For optimal viewing, please set your screen resolution to a minimum of 1024×768.

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What if I am trying to search for something and can’t find it, but I know that you carry it. Can I ask someone or report the problem?

Our customer service team is always available to assist you with any issues you are having with our site. They can be reached by email  at group@netfish.in to report a problem with the Search.

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What kind of search criteria can I enter into the search box?

The search box was designed to help you search quickly and easily using keywords, categories or type of product(Frozen,Dried,..), Name, etc. Try it out… or submit directly your requirements to group@netfish.in

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Can a username be edited?

Yes, you can change your username in the My Profile section of My Account.

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How is My Account set up?

To set up My Account, click on My Account. There are three scenarios:

  1. Existing Netfish Account: If you have previously placed an order with Netfish (by telephone or fax), your account already exists. You can locate that account by selecting Register and entering your Netfish account number, email address. Then follow the prompts to register.
  2. Previously registered users: simply select My Account/Login and enter user name and password, and click on login.
  3. Customers who are new to the website and Netfish, simply register and enter the required information when prompted.
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