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Netfish will be Introducing Value Added Products in 2017

Netfish announced that they are planing to introduce the following value added products for imports to their e-commerce site by first Quarter of 2017. Value Added Products Category : Fish Steak Seer Fish Snapper Barracuda Fish Fillet Ghol Fish Snapper Sole Fish Category 1 : Squid Fillets Skewer CFWC Skewer SQWC Skewer H/L CFWC, Capsicum […]

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The Indian Seafood Industry – An Overview

Indian Seafood Industry – An Overview India is blessed with a coastline of over 8,118 kms, 2.02 million sq. km of EEZ, 0.5 million sq. km. Continental shelf estimated to have exploitable resources to the tune of 4.41 million tons of which about 3.40 million tons are presently exploited. The estimated potential brackish water area […]

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The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) establishes instructions and guidlines in matters related to the export and import of goods in india which is refered to as the Foreign Trade Policy.This Exim policy is updated ecery years on the 31st of march and the modifications,improvements and new schemes are effective with effect from the 1st of […]

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How do i become an exporter? (India)

REGISTERING THROUGH THE MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority) – INDIA REGISTRATION OF EXPORTERS AND OTHER ENTITIES POWER TO REGISTER Registration of Exporters, Fishing Vessels and other Processing entities is one of the statutory functions of MPEDA under Section 9(2) (b) and (h) of the MPEDA Act 1972. EXPORTERS Registration as an exporter is granted […]

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